After Care Instructions

For proper healing, please follow these guidelines after your oral surgery.

After your Root Canal Treatment

Often there is no pain or other symptoms after your root canal but... It is possible that your tooth will be sore for 48hrs and may take a week or two to become completely symptom free. This is due to the previous condition of your tooth and manipulation during the root canal procedure. There is no cause for alarm since this is a perfectly normal reaction. While the tooth is tender, avoid chewing in this area to allow time for healing.

Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin, etc.,) 200-400mg, every 4 hours (up to 3200mg daily), should help ease any inflammation associated with the tooth. If you are allergic or cannot take Ibuprofen for a special medical condition, please take Tylenol. If you have pain that is not controlled by Ibuprofen or Tylenol products, PLEASE do not hesitate to call this office for advice or special care. Discomfort following appointments in no way affects the successful out-come of treatment. A slight swelling occasionally develops after root canal therapy. This is generally due to tissue sensitivity.... not necessarily due to infection.

If your swelling does not resolve or it worsens, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE. (contact info)

Prescriptions for infection should be taken as directed. If there is an adverse reaction to any medication we prescribed, PLEASE call the office (contact info). Antibiotics may take 12-24 hours to take effect.

Warning to our female patients taking oral contraceptives and antibiotics! Antibiotics may interfere with the effectiveness of oral contraceptives (birth control pills.) If you are taking oral contraceptives, and have been given a prescription for an antibiotic, we strongly advise you to use additional means of birth control during the entire monthly cycle, in which the antibiotic has been used and for the following cycle. Although the risk is considered very low, this warning is given to help you prevent birth control failure and unwanted pregnancy.

In most cases, a temporary filling will be placed in the root canal opening. It is normal for a thin layer of filling to be worn away before you are able to return to your general dentist for a filling or crown. If all of the temporary filling should come out (or if you are in doubt), please feel free to contact us.

Please return to your family dentist for a restoration within 4-6 weeks of completion of root canal therapy. A crown or permanent filling will be required.

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